The “Ivy Plus” Investment Program


With the U.S. stock market closing 2012 where it was in 1999, it has been very difficult to accumulate wealth in financial markets over the past 13 years.

You are looking for an investment solution that offers a proven strategy and long track record of generating U.S. stock market beating returns.

The Harvard endowment has generated average annual returns of 12.9% during the last 20 years, compared to the 6.6% return on the S&P 500 over the same period.

Harvard's secret? Extreme diversification. 

Harvard invests in a much more diversified portfolio of assets than mainstream investment managers.

Until the introduction of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Harvard's asset allocation strategy was impossible for you to replicate.

Studies have shown that a portfolio consisting of ETFs and mutual funds can generate historical returns that correlate highly with the returns of the top university endowments.

Global Guru Capital's "Ivy Plus" Investment Program offers you an opportunity to emulate this endowment investment strategy.


  • Discovery

    • We start by making sure that the "Ivy Plus" Investment Program makes sense for your current investment objectives, risk profile, and financial goals.
    • With its relatively low turnover, the "Ivy Plus" investment strategy is especially suitable for taxable accounts.
    • As Global Guru Capital's most popular investment program, the "Ivy Plus" investment program is best suited for investors who understand the benefits of broad-based diversification and a long term commitment to building their wealth

    • The "Ivy Plus" Investment Program invests in wide range of at least 12 asset classes or strategies based on the publicly available information on the Harvard University endowment's "policy portfolio."
    • Each asset class or strategy is represented by an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks the relevant asset class in the portfolio
    • As over 90% of investment returns can be explained by asset allocation, this strategy assures investors that their investments will broadly track those of the Harvard University endowment
  • Implementation

    • Your account is invested according to the current year's "Ivy Plus" Investment Program's weightings at the time your account goes live.
    • Your initial asset allocation may differ somewhat from those accounts that were re-balanced at the start of the year.
    • Your investment results for the first year will also vary compared with the "model" equally-weighted portfolio.
  • Maintenance

    • The "Ivy Plus" Investment Program is re-balanced at least one a year, in January.
    • Your account is re-balanced based on the most recent asset allocation strategy using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)