The “Global Gains” Investment Program


Historically, many global stock markets have generated higher returns than U.S. stock markets.

Today, U.S. investors can access these global opportunities easier than ever before.

The "Global Gains" investment program offers you the opportunity to invest in the world's top performing investment strategies in global stock markets.


  • Discovery

    • We start by making sure that the "Global Gains" Investment Program makes sense for your investment objectives, risk profile, and financial goals.
    • Given the greater uncertainty in global stock markets, the "Global Gains" Investment Program is best suited for investors with a long term investment horizon and a tolerance for volatility.
  • Design

    • The "Global Gains" Investment Program invests in a wide and growing range of investment strategies focused on global stock markets available to U.S. investors through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
    • The "Global Gains" Investment Program consists of a portfolio of at least 10 different investment strategies focused on global stock markets.
    • Each strategy is weighted equally in the portfolio, with no single strategy accounting for more than 10% of the portfolio.
  • Implementation

    • Your account is invested according to the current year's "Global Gains" Investment Program weightings at the time your account goes live.
    • Your initial asset allocation may diverge somewhat from those accounts that were re-balanced at the start of the year.
    • Your investment results for the first year will also vary compared with the "model" equally weighted portfolio.
  • Maintenance

    • The "Global Gains" Investment Program is rebalanced at least once a year, in January.
    • Your account is re-balanced weighing each strategy equally using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) then currently available for the various global stock markets.