The "Double Your Dividends" Program


With global interest rates near zero, you are struggling to earn more than just a nominal income from your investments.

You are looking for a solution that generates higher dividends and interest on your hard-earned money.

The "Double Your Dividends" Investment Program offers you the opportunity to generate significantly higher regular income than you could get by investing in bank deposits or money market funds.

Investments for 2015 include:

• High Yield Global Stocks

• U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

• Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)

• Business Development Companies (BDCs)

• Tax Free U.S. Municipal Bond Funds

• High Yield U.S.Corporate Bonds

• High Yield Foreign Corporate Bonds

• Foreign Sovereign Bonds

• High Yield Preferred Stocks

• Option Income Generating Strategies

• High Yield U.S. Stocks

• Senior Bank Loans


The target annual yield on each investment for 2015 is between 3.25% and 14.5% per year.


  • Discovery

    • We start by making sure that the "Double Your Dividends" Investment Program makes sense for your investment objectives, risk profile, and financial goals.
    • As Global Guru's Capital's lowest risk investment program, the "Double Your Dividends" investment program generates higher stable income, although the underlying investments are more volatile than cash equivalent investments.
  • Design

    • The "Double Your Dividends" Investment Program invests in an equally-weighted portfolio of at least 10 income producing asset classes or strategies.
    • Each asset class or strategy is represented by an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
    • No single ETF makes up more than 10% of the portfolio.
  • Implementation

    • Your account is invested according to the current year's "Double Your Dividends" Investment Program weightings at the time your account goes live.
    • Your initial asset allocation may differ somewhat from those accounts that were re-balanced at the start of the year.
    • Your investment results for the first year will also vary compared with the "model" equally weighted portfolio.
  • Maintenance

    • The "Double Your Dividends" Investment Program is re-balanced at least once a year, in January.
    • Your account is re-balanced based on the most recent asset allocation strategy using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) then currently available for the various income generating assets and strategies.